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Parasene Weed Wand

Parasene Weed Wand

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The Parasene Weed Wand is a walking stick shaped device, designed to take the back ache out of weeding, by operating from a standing position. It is light weight and has a well balanced construction which makes it comfortable and easy to use. The Weed Wand is great for cleaning terraces, patios, kerbs, paved areas, gravel paths and driveways, rockeries, walls, lawn and garden edges, or spot weeding. The Parasene Weed Wand features a push button automatic ignition. Just a touch from its high temperature flame disrupts the cell structure of weeds. This causes them to wither and die within a day or two.

The Parasene Weed Wand will appeal to all gardeners. It is environmentally friendly, and unlike many chemical treatments it leaves an area completely safe. Weeds can be cleared quickly and safely, without nearby plants affected. Repeated applications can be used to dispense with plant debris or really stubborn weeds.

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