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Parasene Self Watering Propagation Tray

Parasene Self Watering Propagation Tray

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40 cell tray, complete with cover, reservoir, capillary mat and pegboard.


- easy to use;
- promotes healthy root growth;
- reusable;
- capillary mat ensures seedlings are not over/under watered;
- 'peg board' platform enables easy removal of seedlings and minimises damage to roots;
- greenhouse cover holds heat and moisture for fast germination;
- insulated growing tray maintains even soil temperature for vigorous root growth;
- reservoir hold up to two week of water.

This is an excellent device for the rapid germination of seeds. It is easy to use. Simply fill the cells with potting mix, plant the seeds into the mix, and fill the reservoir with water. Place the 'peg board' platform in the reservoir, with the capillary mat placed on top of the platform. One end of the capillary mat should be tucked down into the water supply. Place the filled tray on tho of the capillary mat, and the greenhouse cover on top of the tray. Then wait for your seedlings to grow. You'll find that the capillary mat will give the right amount of water to the growing seed. Once the seedling is ready for removal, use the pegboard platform to push the seedling through from underneath. The Parasene Propagation Tray can also be used for establishing root growth from cuttings.

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