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Parasene Professional Weed Wand

Parasene Professional Weed Wand

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The Parasene Professional Weed Wand is the worlds biggest selling weed burner. It has been designed for the burning of weeds, and controlled burn offs of rubbish, gorse and stubble. It is made from chrome plated steel, and has an instant ignition system for easy lighting. The Parasene Professional Weed Wand is supplied with 2 metres of hose, and a gas regulator ready to screw into your LPG cylinder. The regulator and weed wand are fully adjustable to give you the right amount of heat and flame. The Weed Wand can be run off a 4 to 9kg LPG cylinder, and burns gas at 1kg per hour. The Parasene Professional Weed Wand is environmentally friendly and unlike some chemical treatments, leaves an area completely safe for replanting. The trolley is an optional feature.

Note: Devices supplied to Australian destinations are equipped with Australian compatible gas container fittings.
Package includes Weed Wand handle and hose with connexion to gas bottle. Gas bottle and trolley are not supplied.

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