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Lawnboy Sprayer

Lawnboy Sprayer

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Lawnboy Sprayers are self propelled machines suitable for the application of selective weed killers, fungicides,fertilizers and pesticides to all turf/grass areas, paddocks, pathways and drives. There are no batteries, motors or engines; either a hose or pump provides spray pressure. This means that cleaning and maintenance is reduced to a minimum. The liquid feed is delivered from the tank through spray nozzles at an accurate pre-calibrated rate. The only pressured area within the mechanism is from the hose or pump to the nozzle. Operation of each sprayer is simplicity itself; push and the machine will spray, stop and spraying will cease. To ensure there is no leakage rotate the wheel backwards for approximately two turns of the hose model Lawnboy. This will create an airlock in the tube. 

10 litre Lawnboy
This model is very popular with the average home gardener, with a treatment area of approximately 500 square metres per filling. The Flood jet spray nozzle ensures a perfect spray pattern. Ideal for lawns, but can also be used on driveways, paths and paved areas. To assist dispersal fertilisers and herbicides can be applied in heavy dew or rain conditions.

20 litre Lawnboy

Has all the features of the 10 litre Lawnboy but with the added advantages of a stronger frame and larger tank. One tank full will cover approximately 1,000 square metres. Great for larger lawns with less time spent filling and mixing spray.
Note: When the 10 and 20 litre Lawnboy are not in use, the pump hose should be removed from around the wheel rollers and allowed to hang loose. This will prolong the life of the hose.

Tip: To stop the 10 and 20 litre Lawnboy from dripping when stationary, the wheel should be rotated backwards for approximately two turns. This creates an air lock in the tube.

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