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propagationtray40 cell tray, complete with cover, reservoir, capillary mat and pegboard.


- easy to use;
- promotes healthy root growth;
- reusable;
- capillary mat ensures seedlings are not over/under watered;
- 'peg board' platform enables easy removal of seedlings and minimises damage to roots;
- greenhouse cover holds heat and moisture for fast germination;
- insulated growing tray maintains even soil temperature for vigorous root growth;
- reservoir hold up to two week of water.

This is an excellent device for the rapid germination of seeds. It is easy to use. Simply fill the cells with potting mix, plant the seeds into the mix, and fill the reservoir with water. Place the 'peg board' platform in the reservoir, with the capillary mat placed on top of the platform. One end of the capillary mat should be tucked down into the water supply. Place the filled tray on tho of the capillary mat, and the greenhouse cover on top of the tray. Then wait for your seedlings to grow. You'll find that the capillary mat will give the right amount of water to the growing seed. Once the seedling is ready for removal, use the pegboard platform to push the seedling through from underneath. The Parasene Propagation Tray can also be used for establishing root growth from cuttings.

$ 29.90

lawn aerating shoesThey bring your lawn back to life, so your family can enjoy your lawn all year round!

Use them to help your lawn to breathe, encouraging deep root growth.

There are 13 x 5cm spikes per sole.

Shoes are easy to strap on.

Soles made from 100% recycled plastic.

$ 39.90

weedwandFIGO flexible connectors are the latest innovative accessory to help gardeners make a vast array of structures in their gardens.

FIGO is the quickest, easiest and most versatile system for building garden structures – including plant protection supports, fruit cages, cold frames, cloches and plant supports. In fact, anything the gardener’s imagination can run to.

FIGO’s flexible arms can accommodate canes or poles ranging from 8mm to 16mm in diameter, ensuring maximum versatility throughout the garden. The arms can be moved to any angle, so gardeners can build structures of any shape they want.

FIGO flexible connectors are made from EPDM rubber, which has outstanding heat and weather resistance. FIGOs can be used over and over again for many years and they are guaranteed for three years under normal garden conditions and use.

Note: minimum order 3 units.

$ 6.00

weedwandThe Parasene Weed Wand is a walking stick shaped device, designed to take the back ache out of weeding, by operating from a standing position. It is light weight and has a well balanced construction which makes it comfortable and easy to use. The Weed Wand is great for cleaning terraces, patios, kerbs, paved areas, gravel paths and driveways, rockeries, walls, lawn and garden edges, or spot weeding. The Parasene Weed Wand features a push button automatic ignition. Just a touch from its high temperature flame disrupts the cell structure of weeds. This causes them to wither and die within a day or two.

The Parasene Weed Wand will appeal to every gardener irrespective of age. It is environmentally friendly, and unlike many chemical treatments it leaves an area completely safe. Weeds can be cleared quickly and safely, without nearby plants affected. Repeated applications can be used to dispense with plant debris or really stubborn weeds.

Note: Devices supplied to Australian destinations are equipped with Australian compatible gas container fittings.

$ 79.90

parasene-weed-wand-professionalThe Parasene Professional Weed Wand is the worlds biggest selling weed burner. It has been designed for the burning of weeds, and controlled burn offs of rubbish, gorse and stubble. It is made from chrome plated steel, and has an instant ignition system for easy lighting. The Parasene Professional Weed Wand is supplied with 2 metres of hose, and a gas regulator ready to screw into your LPG cylinder. The regulator and weed wand are fully adjustable to give you the right amount of heat and flame. The Weed Wand can be run off a 4 to 9kg LPG cylinder, and burns gas at 1kg per hour. The Parasene Professional Weed Wand is environmentally friendly and unlike some chemical treatments, leaves an area completely safe for replanting. The trolley is an optional feature.

Note: Devices supplied to Australian destinations are equipped with Australian compatible gas container fittings.
Package includes Weed Wand handle and hose with connexion to gas bottle. Gas bottle and trolley are not supplied.

$ 279.00

gasButane propane gas canisters, that fit the Parasene weed wand and angled head weed wand. Also can be used with our blow torches and the camping stove.
Two 355g (650ml) containers. Minimum 1.50 hours continuous burning each. EN 417 standard compliant. No shipping fee.
Note: Available New Zealand only.

$ 38.00

This is a 175g (320ml) gas cartridge. It has minimum 45 minutes burning time. The cartridge is EN 417 standard compliant. It has the same usage as the 355g gas canister.
Note: Available New Zealand only.

$ 9.00

lawnboyLawnboy Sprayers are self propelled machines suitable for the application of selective weed killers, fungicides,fertilizers and pesticides to all turf/grass areas, paddocks, pathways and drives. There are no batteries, motors or engines; either a hose or pump provides spray pressure. This means that cleaning and maintenance is reduced to a minimum. The liquid feed is delivered from the tank through spray nozzles at an accurate pre-calibrated rate. The only pressured area within the mechanism is from the hose or pump to the nozzle. Operation of each sprayer is simplicity itself; push and the machine will spray, stop and spraying will cease. To ensure there is no leakage rotate the wheel backwards for approximately two turns of the hose model Lawnboy. This will create an airlock in the tube. A line marking kit is available and can be fitted to the 10 litre and 20 litre Lawnboy. A hose extension is fitted to the outlet and a spray boom to the axle. The jet angle is adjustable for different width lines.

10 litre Lawnboy
This model is very popular with the average home gardener, with a treatment area of approximately 500 square metres per filling. The Flood jet spray nozzle ensures a perfect spray pattern. Ideal for lawns, but can also be used on driveways, paths and paved areas. To assist dispersal fertilisers and herbicides can be applied in heavy dew or rain conditions.

$ 299.00

Has all the features of the 10 litre Lawnboy but with the added advantages of a stronger frame and larger tank. One tank full will cover approximately 1,000 square metres. Great for larger lawns with less time spent filling and mixing spray.
Note: When the 10 and 20 litre Lawnboy are not in use, the pump hose should be removed from around the wheel rollers and allowed to hang loose. This will prolong the life of the hose.

Tip: To stop the 10 and 20 litre Lawnboy from dripping when stationary, the wheel should be rotated backwards for approximately two turns. This creates an air lock in the tube.

$ 339.00

Replacement Lawnboy peristaltic pump part.

Replacement instructions:

  1. Unscrew hose clips, taking note of where the hose is positioned.
  2. Remove old hose.
  3. Adjust hose clips so they fit around new hose.
  4. Fit new hose by pushing up onto the piping.
  5. Tighten hose clips by adjusting screws.
  6. Stretch hose around the rollers and test with water.
  7. Adjust hose by sliding up or down piping to obtain required spray pressure.
$ 30.00

lawnboy spare tank10l10 litres spare tank for Lawnboy Sprayer.

$ 34.50

lawnboy spare tank 20l20 litres spare tank for Lawnboy Sprayer.

$ 39.50

lawnaeratorlawnaerator2The Lawn Aerator is a simple and effective solution to “green up” your lawn faster. Just roll the Lawn Aerator before you water or fertilize.
The Lawn Aerator loosens compacted soil to promote a healthy root system. It features 30 steel spikes, each 40mm long to really get down to the roots. The Lawn Aerator also features a mud shield that keeps dirt and grass from flying out.
The Lawn Aerator has smooth rolling 175mm diameter wheels 330mm apart. It's similar to a push mower, except steel spikes drive down into your lawn as you walk. One hundred and fifty holes are created per square metre. The Lawn Aerator improves drainage, loosens compact soil, and gets air to the grass roots, giving you a much greener and healthier lawn.

$ 129.00

scarifierscarifierRolling width of 320mm (12.5'')
Removes unwanted moss and thatch. Improves lawns quality, health, strength and appearance.
Adjustable handle length (815-1300mm) for comfortable use.
Number of scarifying blades: 11.
Wheel diameter: 135mm.

$ 129.00


Dual-chamber tumbling composter
Produces nutrient rich compost from your recyclable waste, for a fabulous garden
A new batch can be started while the first one is still curing
Family-size capacity: first batch ready in as little as 2 weeks
Reversable door easily flips over to keep track of batch stages
Large opening to access dual-chambers, to load recyclables / unload compost
Adjustable air vent
Churning paddles to break down and mix organic material
Sturdy galvanised frame
Rodent-proof design

$ 249.00


Creates an amazing soil conditioner from your kitchen scraps.
A quick and effective way to turn your food waste to rich organic fertilizer.
The Composting System includes two 20L buckets - inner bucket (with an easy opening and closing lid) and outer bucket (fitted with a faucet, enable the liquid from the process be drained off easily), both made of high quality, long lasting food grade plastic.
Each Bokashi Composting System comes with 500g Bokashi mix. This should last about 6 weeks for the average household.
Instructions are included or watch the video here.

$ 45.00

Grow-your-own_1grow-your-own_2Parasene Rootrainers are the only openable cell tray. They ensure the perfect start for nearly all plant, especially those that are sensitive to disturbance and require deep root runs. Ideal for growing on seeds, seedlings, plugs and cuttings.
Larger trays, with more cells, are available on request. Please contact us for details.

$ 19.90